Advisor Registration

Terms of Agreement
a. I acknowledge that the BOS assessment is the intellectual property of Blue Ocean Solutions, LLC.
b. By using this assessment:
  1.) I will act ethically, with integrity, and professionalism.
  2.) I will notify EndGame of any potential conflicts of interest(s), bankruptcy, judgements, liens, or convictions that would violate this code of conduct within 60 days.
  3.) or any changes to the applicable information gathered above.
c. By using this assessment, I will use the BOS preferred providers to capture the potential client savings identified.
d. By sharing my Selected Services, I am electing to join the EndGame Consulting referral network. My client relationships will be protected across these services. I would like to be contacted about any additional opportunities concerning these services.
e. I will receive an email of potential savings identified for each client.
f. When Tax law changes and future opportunities are identified, both my clients and I will automatically receive notice of additional potential savings.
g. I understand that BOS may receive compensation from third party providers once clients receive actual savings.
h. I understand that I may be entitled to receive a marketing referral fee (if allowed by law, regulation, or employer) equal to 10% of EndGame compensation. Individuals with over 100 EndGame clients are eligible for a additional quarterly bonus program. To receive this marketing fee, I must agree to all of these terms in their entirety, complete a signed I-9 for my file, and sign an ACH agreement to receive all compensation electronically. I acknowledge that I may choose to receive my compensation in 1 of 3 ways:
  1.) Directly as paid via ACH quarterly
  2.) Donate to charity. TBD (we will have a published list shortly, will be a qualified 501(c)(3), such as American Heart Association, etc.); or a qualified Donor Advised Fund
  3.) As an EndGame sponsored client event, TBD.
i. I will create and distribute via social media: Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. a press release acknowledging my new association with the BOS assessment and list my personal assessment ID.
j. I will contact all referrals within 24-48 hours of notification. This is our Timeliness promise.
k. I will assist clients with connecting to third party providers, if necessary, to help clients capture the savings identified.
Failure to comply with these terms will void any professional relationship with BOS, EndGame Consulting or its affiliates. Termination of this agreement will remove your profile from the EndGame referral network and void any shared compensation immediately.